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The records of the archives are made available under the following conditions.

The records are used personally in the research office.

Access to the records of all the archives is free of charge. The records are made available in the research office 30 years from the moment of their creation. A visitor to the research office completes a user registration form. Pupils and students should provide a recommendation issued by the school or university.Reprography
The archives make photocopies and scanning of the records created after 1801, unless their state of preservation makes it impossible.
Since 1 August 2002 the following basic fees have been charged for making copies of the records:

A photocopy of

For the copies made for scientific purposes (for researchers, students) a 60% discount is given on the basic price. The personnel of the state archives are given an 80% discount on the basic price. The discounts apply to orders which are not in excess of 100 pages of photocopies or 20 scans placed in the archives within the period of 12 consecutive months. The archives also charge for preparing the records for the process of photocopying, filming, or scanning with the use of the equipment of the ordering person (the basic price of 20 PLN for a document). For the preparation of documents for commercial purposes an additional fee of 30 PLN is charged.

Preliminary research:

Pursuant to the provisions of art. 217 ż 1 of the Code of Administrative Procedure, the archives issue certificates and copies of documents on the basis of the preserved records if:

  1. a legal regulation requires an official certification of specified facts or a legal status;
  2. the applicant for a certificate will lend credence to his or her legal interest through official certification of specified facts or a legal status.
  1. Stamp duty is charged for issuing copies and certificates as stipulated in the act of 9 September 2000 (J/L no. 86 item 960) and the order of the Minister of Finance of 5 December 2000 (J/L no. 110 item 1176).
  2. Stamp duty is not charged for, among others, the applications for certificates concerning the following issues: social insurance, health insurance, social welfare, concessions stipulated in specific regulations for national servicemen and conscript soldiers doing irregular military service and their families, entitlements of the disabled and the persons stipulated in the regulations concerning special entitlements for war veterans, and issues related to employment, social benefits, and remuneration for work.
  3. Stamp duty is charged for most applications for certificates and copies concerning such areas as ownership issues, citizenship, genealogy, marital status, affirmative proof of residence, including:
  4. 5 PLN fee at filing the application;
  5. 11 PLN for issuing a certificate;
  6. 3 PLN per page for an official certification of the conformity of a copy to the original.

Chargeable preliminary research:

On receiving a written order, the personnel of the archives conducts a chargeable search for documents related to the genealogy of the family of the ordering person, a specified scientific subject as well as any legal documents required by him or her.
After obtaining information on the type of required documents as well as the material and chronological scope of the records which should be included in the search, the Archives will provide a detailed initial estimate.

Subject preliminary research:

  1. Charge for one working hour of an archive worker – 25 PLN.
  2. Charge for making a photocopy is collected in accordance with the list of basic prices.

Genealogy and ownership preliminary research:

  1. Initial charge for undertaking the search – 70 PLN
  2. Charge for 1 hour of searching – 55 PLN
  3. Charge for 1 photocopy page of A 4 format – 14 PLN
  4. Charge for 1 photocopy page of A 3 format – 16 PLN

Commercial services (for genealogy offices and legal offices being gainfully employed by a third party - also without an order - and for publishing houses):

  1. Initial charge for undertaking the search – 100 PLN
  2. Charge for 1 hour of searching – 85 PLN
  3. Charge for 1 photocopy page of A4 format – 22 PLN
  4. Charge for 1 photocopy page of A3 format – 24 PLN

The basis for calculating the costs in USD and EURO is the exchange rate of the Polish currency according to the National Bank of the Republic of Poland on the day of filing the application.
The payment can be made at the cashierłs office or to our bank account:
for payments for all kind of preliminary research (excluding personal-wage preliminary research) and for reprography services.
Account number: NBP o/o. Bydgoszcz 05 1010 1078 0020 4613 9800 0000
In the case of preliminary research ordered from abroad which is paid in a foreign currency (transnational payments) the International Bank Account Number IBAN and Bank Identification Code BIC should be used.

Our IBAN and BIC code bank account is as follows:

Charges due for issues related to storing (contracts, preliminary research) should be paid to the same account as before:
Kredyt Bank S. A. Oddział w Toruniu, Filia nr 2, ul Fosa Staromiejska 2/4
Account number: 05 1010 1078 0020 4613 9800 0000.

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